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If you have dreamed of becoming an Hotel executive for a five-star Hotel, a chain of restaurants, culinary artist for a gourmet catering company, or General manager of a posh hotel, this is your chance to step out of the ordinary and into an exciting career you'll truly love. MAA School of Hotel Management offers professional training in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts and hospitality and restaurant management with hands-on cooking classes, table service training and classroom sessions that can give you the skills you'll need for a successful future in the culinary or hospitality field. From unparalleled instruction in classical and contemporary culinary techniques to business management, wine appreciation and hotel operations, MAA School of Hotel Management is your first step toward a career in the art of living as a Global Hotelier and Caterer!

Culinary arts Management:
(Work and study to become a global Culinary Arts chef)

MAA School of Hotel Management is dedicated to help you quickly gain the education and skills you need to succeed in a culinary career. In short span of time, you could earn a diploma and be ready to put your skills to work in the kitchen as a working chef.

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Hospitality and Restaurant Management:
(Work and study to become an international hotelier in Global Hospitality Service)

We all interact with the food and beverage industry, whether it is as staff or as a customer. This course has been designed to give an insight into the industry and the skills required for obtaining employment in Cafes, Hotels, Bars or Restaurants. This course will provide the student with the knowledge for effective management of food service operations, while presenting the basic service principles and highlighting the importance of meeting and exceeding the needs of the guest.

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Pastry and Confectionary Arts:
(Work and study to become a professional chef patisserie in Global Hospitality Industry)

Students will receive intensive training in baking and pastry arts fundamentals; the goal is to prepare interested applicants with the high level of expertise necessary to become a professional baker or chef Patisserie. This diploma course is taught by experienced teaching professionals in this specialized field. Along with learning the fundamentals of patisserie and baking techniques, students can develop the skills necessary to create magnificent show pieces and displays. Decorating cakes will range from simple royal icing to decoration of wedding cakes.

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Rooms Division Management - FO
(Work and study to become a professional in Front office in Global Hospitality Industry)

This course presents a systematic approach to front office procedures by detailing the flow of business through a hotel, from the reservations process to check out and settlement. The course also examines the various elements of effective front office management, paying particular attention to the planning and evaluation of front operations and to human resources management. Front office procedures and management are placed within the context of the overall operation of a hotel.

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Rooms Division Management - HK
(Work and study to become a professional Housekeeper in Global Hospitality Industry)

The Rooms Division Management Diploma program is designed for individuals who want to join the exciting and ever changing world of hotels, resorts, and the hospitality industry at large. The hospitality industry is considered a nationwide growth industry.

The Rooms Division Management Diploma program also provides in depth training in Housekeeping department for maintaining the standard and quality of the rooms and all guest areas with co-ordination of Front office and Maintenance department. The entire departmental functions of Housekeeping are enlightened in this course, for example maintaining Linen, laundry, upholstery and interior designing of rooms etc.

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