Student Testimonials

Our student force is from all back grounds starting with regular courses, part time courses, work and study programs and now with Home study programs. Our students are from 1993 and spread over all over the Globe who formed a vital link to our Hotel School and made us stand as unique today. Although we run various Hotel Schools from past two decades, now we concentrate only on Work and study programs or Distance Education/Home Study programs from this current year.

1. I consider myself to be very fortunate to study at this Institution. Faculty motivates us to believe in ourselves and gives us the tools to be successful in our futures. They teach the content so well which is mostly because of their great deal of experience they have in the hospitality industry. Their devotion to students is amazing and the reason why they succeed in their career. Having a career working in a hotel has been dream of mine and I was taught to change dreams into goals and make it reality. I am very thankful that I have met and been taught by this Institution. I highly recommend others who are interested in furthering their knowledge and want to make their dreams a reality to contact MSHM. You will not regret it! I am proud to be an international Faculty of MSHM today! -By Moses Carlton Thibble,
General Manager, Malaysia

2. Faculty in MSHM manage to infuse vitality into even the most dreary lectures by sharing industrial experience while using realistic scenarios to keep us thinking. They put the theoretical subject in to practical vision and make us understand better. This approach and teaching method has helped me to apply the subject to my real job. The online course from MSHM is a perfect match for busy hospitality professionals anywhere in the world who still have the energy, passion and ambition to grow and improve their strategic skills. It allows me to keep my current job and achieve a dream by balancing economic and family obligations. - By Pavan,
Proprietor, Indian Restaurant, Dubai

3. All course material and curricula proved highly relevant with immediate benefits, directly applicable in practice. I found the practical exercises both enjoyable and stimulating. One of the greatest advantages is the continuous interaction with fellow industry professionals from around the world. The discussion board served as an ideal platform to explore new concepts, revisit existing practices and share opinions and practical experiences. The Faculty provided continuous guidance and support by proving insightful comments, suggestions and questions. As the years passed, my initial impression of MSHM changed from being just another private institution into a whole new experience where I was given the opportunity to express our talents and skills. Today I am proud to be the Faculty of MSHM and was able to share my knowledge with vast experience in Indian Kitchen in India. - By Jaishankar,
Indian Chef, Chennai, India

4. The Culinary Arts Management program I attended in MSHM helped me learn as much outside the classroom as I have inside; I've learnt more about myself and what I am capable of doing upon certification. I am getting closer to my aspiration of being a high flyer in the workforce. Staff of MSHM also focuses on student’s well-being in a friendly environment within and beyond the school. It is an amazing experience to learn from so many hospitality professionals, everyone has such a wealth of skills and knowledge. And the study time is flexible to my daily professional and personal activities. This is the perfect venture for all of us in the professional world trying to achieve our goals, and I would highly recommend it. - By Arunkumar,
Executive Chef, United Kingdom

5. The Hospitality and Restaurant Management Program gave me the knowledge and experience to build my career. I was able to take the education to complete my skills. My focus on customer service and a positive attitude have made me a tremendous resource for the hospitality Industry. I have established my own company today to provide wide services to Hotel, Clubs, Resorts and Restaurants. Highly relevant to current market and industry trends, the program covers the hotel industry which is the major core of the studies, but also examines wider service industries, including tourism, airlines and travel-related retailers. The case studies are very relevant and practical. We learn to apply best practices at our workplaces on a daily basis. -By Ajith Kumar
Food and Beverage Manager, Australia

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