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Our School has signed MOU with European Training & Education Center, Belgium, France and Poland in providing live projects to Hotel management graduates.


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In 2006, the first initiative was taken by one of the founders of European Training & Education Center at the European Union Council, launching 'The Customized European On-project Learning Program” (CEOLP) to help European and Indian students to get a firsthand opportunity to work in companies “based in EU and India”, in order to develop bi-lateral trade relations.

After this first success, in 2008, CEOLP project was transformed in ETEC under the flagship of Caron International based in Belgium and also receiving ‘KMO Portefeuille’ certification from the Belgian government to promote relations with India.

Further, in 2009, ETEC developed partners and panels of experts across Europe and India, who imparts real projects, corporate relations and tie-ups on specific programs with universities and institutions. To a further extend a close access to the information on projects from the EU commission, regional-national-bi-lateral Chambers of Commerce and Trade bodies.

Today ETEC has its administration office based in Gent-Belgium and campus facilities at wonderful chateaux in Prague - Republic Czech.

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Our School has also signed MOU with Transcend Consultants who promotes Hotel Management courses in Canada.

Collage pngCanada has many Colleges and universities, imparting both, the high level of skills required in fast-paced global environment, as also the technical skills. Post-secondary students can undergo a no. of short-term and long-term courses, leading to diploma or degree. Many of the publicly-funded educational institutions offer subsidized education to meritorious candidates, though a huge chunk of foreign students comprises of full fee-paying students. Canadian education makes it easier for students to assimilate in Canadian society.
This is an excellent avenue for people wishing to make North America their home, by obtaining local education.
Canadian immigration program helps International Students in many ways:

While studying,

  • can work part-time
  • family members allowed to come to Canada
  • spouses allowed to work full-time

On completion of the study,

  • can work full-time for up to 2 years
  • can apply for permanent residence

When they apply for permanent residence, Study permit holders gain additional points for study, as well as post-graduate work.
Applicants are expected to demonstrate sufficient financial capability to fund their studies, and support themselves while they are studying, in order for their Study permit applications to be approved. Thus, this is potentially an expensive option for coming to Canada.
We have tie-ups with a number of institutions for arranging international student admissions round-the-year.

Contact us for more details.

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