Work and Study programs

Study while working in hospitality industry

If you have dreamed of becoming an Hotel executive for a five-star Hotel, a chain of restaurants, culinary artist for a gourmet catering company, or General manager of a posh hotel, this is your chance to step out of the ordinary and into an exciting career you'll truly love. MAA School of Hotel Management offers professional training in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts and hospitality and restaurant management with hands on cooking classes, table service training and online teaching sessions that can give you the skills you'll need for a successful future in the culinary or hospitality field. From unparalleled instruction in classical and contemporary culinary techniques to business management, wine appreciation and hotel operations, MAA School Hotel Management is your first step toward a career in the art of living as a Global Hotelier and Caterer!

Dual or Three Year Diploma - Work and Study Programs

Study and work any time! Anywhere!

Our Hotel School awards two years Dual Diploma to the students who complete two programs and three years diploma to students who complete 3 programs with our School. This is to encourage them to do more programs at discounted fees structure by saving time. Instead of doing individual programs, these dual programs will help each individual in their career prospectus in more beneficial manner. The programs the student select may be under work and study or Home Study. But they can do it under one heading that is either work and study or Home Study. They cannot combine these two programs under Dual Diploma Category.

Advance Diploma in Operations Management

Specially designed program for senior executives of hospitality

Advanced Diploma in Operations Management has been designed to provide opportunity to the aspiring entrepreneurs, hotel staff and students to take initiative and interest in developing their skills and equip themselves with appropriate knowledge in the field of Hospitality Operations Management Promotion of any business be it sale of goods or services, wholesale or retail trade largely depends on successful hospitality managers and hence dynamic hospitality managers are important and they form an integral part of every growth oriented management system.

Distance Education and Home Study Programs

Study any time! Anywhere!
Home Study Hotel Management Courses!

We are one of the best distance education schools in India in Hotel Management courses. We provide individual Home Study Courses for hospitality staff by distance learning to employees and supervisory staff currently employed in the tourism and hospitality industry who are seeking to upgrade their skills or seeking advancement into management positions. Hospitality covers enormous areas of operations, from top star restaurant groups and grand hotels to executive clubs, pubs and bars, cruise lines, industrial catering and guesthouses. But they all have one requirement in common that is customers who expect a highly professional degree of service. To achieve that, these businesses need managers, supervisors and trained and qualified staff who can steer them towards success, which means excellent employment and advancement opportunities for experienced individuals with added qualification.

Special Program for Senior Executives of Hospitality

Hospitality Skill Certification

Over the Globe, there are many more hoteliers with high quality skills in their trade but not recognized by various Organizations as they are not having professional qualification in Hotel Management. MAA Hotel School is equipped with highly skilled Team who is authentic in their field due to their vast experience and varied knowledge in various departments of Hotel such as Culinary, Bakery, Rooms division, Food and Beverages, bar etc.

MAA Hotel School will provide certification for Trade skills by conducting on line Trade/skills test in which the applicant is adept in their field of work. This program is designed individually according to the need of highly skilled hoteliers.

Contact our admissions representative for more details.

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