Food Festivals

Collage pngFood - any one’s lover! Taste buds in human body reacts to the word “FOOD” and produce secretions!!
Mouth waters!! Mind tempts!! Work stops!! Any one earns any amount of money for only daily food. No one can eat currencies or precious metals. All come secondary when food comes in to picture especially when one is very hungry!

We are pioneers in promoting INDIAN FOOD all over the world. We conducted Indian Food Festival in Malaysia and Republic of Palau in 2001. We have a team of chefs who can produce good authentic Indian Food. We also have high level chefs in preparing Chinese, Thai, Continental, Italian and Mexican food and also much more.

Among the cultural shows organized by Educational Institutions, Food Festival is also form a part of international show as it involves international food which is the part of the culture of the Globe. Any Educational Institutions who are interested to conduct Food Festival as the part of their cultural programs, we offer best services.

We also invite partners from the Globe who is interested in promoting their country food in India. We can plan, organize and implement your ideas.

Contact us for more details.

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