Student Services

Welcome to our incoming students!! MAA School wishes a great success to each and every one. We, from MAA school office, provide exceptional service, support and guidance during the duration of the course.

Each student is assigned a personal tutor, with whom they interact on a regular basis. Your tutor is there to guide and support you through your entire course.

MSHM have a comprehensive range of support services that are designed to help students achieve their full potential and get the most out of their studies. These form a coordinated network of support and are an important part of the overall student experience.

Student Accounts:

As soon as the student finish enrollment procedure, he will be added to our student accounts portal or on student database. Each student will be connected to his respective program faculty to continue his program. Our students rely on this account throughout their time as a student at MAA School of Hotel Management. 

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Student Testimonials:

MSHM have over 1,000 passed out students working in various roles around the world, many of whom are active in maintaining a close connection with MSHM as well as with their co-students. Every year we get hundreds of emails, letters, and telephone calls, Skype chats, Facebook alerts from satisfied students. Below are samples of just some of the great feedback we are so happy to receive.

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