MAA School of Hotel Management Collage png is a private Hotel School, started by MAA Educational and Charitable Trust to provide the international Education in Hotel Management Studies. We conduct short-term courses in hotel operations departments such as Food production, Food and Beverage services, Accommodation operations and related fields in Hotel operations for Hotel Professionals irrespective of age and qualification.

If you are looking to broaden the knowledge and skills, update your expertise, or get a competitive edge on that job you’re after, we have perfect Home study/distance education courses that fit your needs. Your mentor will guide at every step in improving the job knowledge.

Our philosophy of education has been developed to serve a range of objectives. We endeavor to provide each and every student with the best possible training along with the necessary skills needed to enter and advance in their chosen field of study.

We aim to provide comprehensive study programs in all fields of study Worldwide. Our study programs engage the student in well-designed, efficient and productive study in their chosen field. It is our belief that this will facilitate the educational goals of our students and assist them by developing their potential to become accomplished individuals.

All of our distance learning courses can either be studied via the traditional postal system, or you can study online, offering you the most flexible methods of home study available from any distance learning institutions.

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