Diploma in Hotel Management
IHM & CT, Chennai, India

Chennai, India

A dynamic and results oriented Hotelier with experience of more than 30 years in Hospitality and Airlines Industry by implementing various global cultures that addresses the needs of the customer, colleagues, owners and industry. Highly capable in managing all aspects of the hotel operations, focusing on revenue generation, cost reduction, operation standards to realize desire margins and return on asset investment. Has a good record of effectively leading and managing all aspects of a hotel and airline Industry, and of making guest feels valued and respected. He will do everything to deliver results that will contribute to the overall mission and success of a business. Possess an analytical and expedient approach to problem solving which always results in a win/win resolution for guests. Have the self-assurance that enables goals to be achieved, and constantly looking to introduce new services that will meet the needs of tomorrow's global traveler.


A very smiling, active and pleasant personality who loves to work with People and organizes Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Team Development, Cost Analysis, Service/Quality Consistency. Hospitality Consulting, Revenue Management Consulting and Customer Service are the prime objectives.

Please contact me for more assignments on Hotel and Restaurant Projects, specialty services, personality development Staff grooming, for organizing Food Festivals and also faculty services.

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