Jaganathan Jaishankar

Diploma in Food Production
At Gurudev Institute of Food Craft, Chennai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

A highly committed Indian Chef with more than 13 years of experience in cooking Indian Food and was ambitious to promote Indian Food all over the Globe. He has completed Craftsmanship course in Food Production of Gurudev Institute of Food Craft in Chennai, India. He attained academic excellence in subjects involving large professional-style of cooking in Indian Cuisine.

                His involvement in special assignments at South Indian Food Preparation has strengthened his leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and decision-making abilities and has enabled him to acquire expertise in all facets of successful professional culinary arts. He believed that these factors, along with his experience and knowledge base, his personal skills such as initiative, creativity, adaptability and willingness to learn will enable him to excel in the role of a good cook at any country.

                His professional objective is taking up the cook assignment is to extend the knowledge in culinary arts management and develop the international cuisine standards in Hotel Industry.


  1. Creating new dishes with garnishes and flavorings.
  2. Specialized in mis-en-place of meat, fish and poultry.
  3. Specialized in Indian Cuisine.


Worked as Cook-Demonstrator from May 2006 to March 2013 (6 years) at MAA SCHOOL OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT, Chennai, India. www.mshm.co.in

  1. Assigning in all daily operations of food production.
  2. Execute routine food preparation and operations.
  3. Co-ordinate activities among various department such as kitchen, dining and outdoor parties.
  4. Minimize food wastes by using leftovers.
  5. Co-ordinate with Food Production Head for daily, weekly and monthly requisitions of provisions, perishables and fuel requirements.
  6. Daily stores indent checking.
  7. Check the maintenance and repairs of kitchen equipment and cleaning standards.
  8. Maintaining the cleanliness and hygienic standards of kitchen.
  9. Identifying the Good Suppliers for supplying the good quality ingredients.

Worked as Commis I (Cook) from May 1998 to November 2002 (4 years) at HOME CATERERS, Chennai

  1. Preparing day to day menus.
  2. Responsible for day to day kitchen operations
  3. Ensuring the orders are served / catered in timely manner.
  4. Organizing menus for outdoor parties.
  5. Bulk party order preparations.
  6. Cooking Indian, South Indian Cuisines.
  7. Main course preparations.
  8. Organizing new menus for various food festivals.
  9. Maintain to smooth operation on daily basis.
  10. Arrangement of routine maintenance with the help of kitchen helpers in cleaning of the Dining Areas, Washing a Table wear, Kitchen utensils and equipment to comply with the company’s sanitation standards.
  11. Handling and Maintenance of Cooking Equipment.
  12. Responsible for maintaining possible high-standard hygiene in the kitchen.
  13. Ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements and facilitating inspections.
  14. Management of inventory, ordering of food supplies and equipment.

Worked as Cook from January 2003 to February 2006 (3 years) At JJ CATERERS, Chennai, India.

  1. Responsible for vegetable preparation-peeling, chopping and cutting of vegetables.
  2. Responsible to make stocks, grinding job.
  3. In charge for cleaning cold rooms, kitchen work areas and kitchen equipment.
  4. Preparing of assorted mixture salads for lunch and dinner buffet spread.
  5. Preparation of dressings on large mirrors and salad presentations for large banquet functions.

Services offered:

He was teaching Indian Cuisine at MSHM for more than 6 years. Can able to take training classes for Culinary Arts. Provide practical and hands on hands training to work and study and distance learning programs.  

Please contact me for more assignments on Hotel and Restaurant Projects, specialty services, personality development Staff grooming, for organizing Food Festivals and also faculty services.

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